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Welcome to Palmer, the only place in Alaska where you can do your “Alaska Bucketlist” in one go.  With beautiful mountain vistas and riverine valleys, Palmer is known for its natural beauty and small town charm.  As a year-round adventureland, Palmer is one of the places you’ll come back to again and again.  From snowy peaks, to expansive valleys you’ll find just what you’re looking for in our little community.  But what makes this place so incredibly unique is the endless community events, gatherings, and outdoor activities that will keep you and your family entertained during your stay.  Below you’ll find even more things to do and places to explore.

Palmer Historic District Tour

Experience the story of Palmer and the Matanuska Colony

We offers three different types of tours of Palmer’s Historic District. You can experience the story of Palmer and the Matanuska Colony by taking a guided tour given by a knowledgeable local, you can go at your own pace by taking a self-guided audio tour, or you can schedule a private tour. 


Nestled between two mountain ranges, Palmer provides some of the easiest access to the backcountry in Alaska. 

From winter back country skiing, to ATV adventures, from single track mountain biking to hiking, from world-class fishing to birding, Palmer truly is a mecca for the outdoor enthusiast.  Whether are looking for alpine adventures or river rafting, you are bound to find the outdoor adventure to fit your skill and interest throughout the year. 

Palmer Insider’s Blog

Reading Palmer’s History

Reading Palmer’s History Whether you’re visiting someplace new or curious about the place you call home, digging into the local literature is a great way to gain a deeper sense of place and history. What’s a good book about Palmer’s history?  I’m so glad you asked. ...

Palmer Trails Beckon to Families

Article by Erin Kirkland One glance in any direction makes it easy to see why the small community of Palmer is so popular with outdoor enthusiasts. From open farmland to rugged mountain peaks, hundreds of miles of trails wind their way through forests and fields,...

Looking for the Easiest, Best Hikes in Alaska? Visit Palmer

Article by Alli Harvey When I first visited Alaska, I felt awed and overwhelmed by the stunning mountains surrounding me. Where, I wondered, do I go? How difficult will it be? Picking the right trail from so many options can be daunting! Many years later, I’ve done...

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